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Национально-культурный центр "Поморское возрождение"


Ivan Moseev, pomor-leader from Archangelsk (the White sea region, Russian North), the chairman of the non-government National cultural centre "The Pomor Renaissance" - the aged public pomor-movement of Pomorye land (the old name of Russian North). The participants of the movement named the Pomors are the indigenous people of the Russian North.

Pomors people are one of the ancient part of northen Arctic indigenous community, so they believe that soon they must receive the equal rights with other ethnic minorities in democratic Russia. Presently pomors strive for their constitution right to be included into the Federal list of indigenous and small peoples of Russia. They  believe, that it is one of the ways to provide their special rights for use of natural resources (fish, seals, forest resources), and thus to guarantee survival of small villages of the White Sea coast. The Pomory understand that they have two choices - regression (if  Pomory discard their ethnic self-identity and finally dissolve into the russian environment) or choose the progressive way, which must help Pomory to preserve themselves as indigenous ethnic group maintaining their rights as the native people of the North. The movement tries to revive aged traditions of Pomor ethnic culture which was flourishing for centuries on the Russian North due to intensive trade and economic relations with their neiboures - Saami, Nenets, Komi, and Northern Norway people also.

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